In case you are looking for an interim manager / consultant in Finance and HRM, perhaps together with some other supporting facility services, you are here at the right address. However, in case you are looking for someone experienced in technical or commercials fields of operation, I cannot facilitate you.
In Finance I can offer support in many aspects, like management and financial accounting, controlling, bookkeeping, profit / loss analysis, financing and cash flow, accounts receivable / payable, administrative organisation and office automation.
A few examples.
A)   Is your Financial going to leave in short notice or is he / she ill for a while, I temporarily can take over the (main) activities, often in part time and, if you like, look for a successor.
B)   You want to implement a new or improved financial information or budget system, you need financial support for an investment, but you do not have the capacity needed within your company, then a temporarily external support can offer a solid solution.
C)   As Director / CEO / owner you have to make a lot of decisions, but you cannot know everything. To support you on the fields you have less knowledge it can be helpful to have external support. I can give (critical) feedback on ongoing issues and, if you like, assist you with practical matters.
D)   In case you are young in the business and therefore not yet experienced in some fields of expertise, I can be a coaching supporter.
E)   In case you are considering an action that will have a large impact on yourself and / or your company, like looking for a successor or a reorganisation, external support is a kind of necessity. Very important with this kind of support is the personal chemistry between you and your consultant.
In short: I can support you in many ways. Do not hesitate to communicate your question or idea with me. It only will cost you some time. A first meeting is of course without obligations and free of charge.

Why did I start my own business?
After having worked for more than 16 years in different – mainly financial – positions with a variety of companies, I decided in the year 2000 to start my own business as an interim manager / consultant. The main field of expertise became finance in many aspects, as highlighted above. Due to my experience in the later years, my secondary field of expertise became HRM. As my working experience also includes facility services like office automation and some legal aspects, I am broadly experienced, so that I can support a company in many fields.
The decision to start my own business was also based on advice from people close to me. They especially pinpointed my experience and my ability to share knowledge with others in an understandable way.
From start I have been active mainly for small and medium sized companies. With a variety of ownership: from director-owner to foreign shareholder. And with a variety of orders: starting a new company, secure going concern, improve (financial) procedures, reorganisation and mediation. A broad variety of activities. Three examples.
1)    For the owner of a company I have reorganised the bookkeeping so that he, each month, rapidly could be informed about relevant information and that he had more and better information about the profitability of his products. All very relevant to make the right decisions.
2)    I supported a USA company with starting an EU company in the Netherlands. My support concerned the whole financial package (like the bookkeeping, office automation, reporting, budgeting) and various HRM activities.
3)    I advised 2 young shareholders who could not agree about future developments. How to go on? After a number of discussions and preparing different scenarios, they could come to a mutual agreement. The future was clear again.
It will be clear that Finance – in many aspects – is the clear lead in my work. Also on other fields I can support a company. Although I have a broad knowledge and experience, I am of course not an expert on all these fields. An example. I know my way in taxes, but I am not an expert in taxes.
Of relevance for my work, I want to mention some personal qualities: integrity, good listener, empathy, strong in numbers, analytical, initiative, stress resistant, flexible, coach, coordinator and  out of the box.

Brabant Consult is member of:
1)    Register AC (Accounting-Manager-Controller)
2)    Financials For Financials (previously NGA)
3)    NVP, Dutch Association for HRM
Other information concerning Brabant Consult.
A)   Registration Chamber of Commerce: 18043850 and 18044979
B)   VAT numbers: NL804412686B01 and NL805084265B01
C)   IBAN: NL93 RABO 0125 8687 82 and BIC: RABONL2U
D)   Terms and conditions are deposited and will be forwarded at request.
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